Velcro origin

by:BAILI     2020-10-01
Don't know if you have such trouble, bowed their heads and learning, there's always a finely petty pleasures hair not obedient, slipping, especially in summer, the climate is dry, recently the hair is, how to let a hair darling went to stay in the local you want it to stay? Very simple, a post can fix, which want to hair shun will stick in where. In fact, the post is part of the Velcro, so, the hook and loop? Also known as Velcro, hook and loop is shallow term for snap button. Magic with two pieces of fabric composition, one side with a small hook, Hardfaced) The other side, with a small circle (fuzzy Soft side) , double-sided 'touch', but not greasy, 'a tear open', can use repeatedly, or glue, or fixed objects. Velcro is easy to use, corrosion resistance, texture soft, without excitant, is quite popular with people, nowadays, clothes, shoes, bags and hair hoop decorations, everywhere can see the figure of Velcro. Enjoy the hook and loop to bring lunch together, we can seek novelty, this little things were invented? Thanks to a lively dog dog. In the fall of 1948, the clear, Swiss engineer George DE mei Stella's ( Georges de Mestral) Your dog to go out when he saw the climate is so good hunting. One out of the door, the dog is coming, full scurrying about in the woods. Played all morning, hunting Stella may feel a little tired, noon to find a local solution make a little rest, restore brawn. Who knows, just sit down, 'Ms. , then stood up, ambiguously feel something tied up: have a butt sitting on a technique called burdock plants on the grass, the grass was covered with gooseberry, itself must have been found. So he sat down in a local, and immediately stood up in pain, after checking carefully, he found that burdock grass bur hung on his pants, and had to be the one picked clean. Meal, mace, began to entertain his pet dog, the dog gloomily, came running, mei Stella, stretched out his hand and touched the dog has been pierced, you see, dog covered with gooseberry, sobbed looked at yourself, unfortunately xi xi, he had to abandon hunting scheme, bur to remove the dog. However, it took him a long time also didn't put together clean dog. He couldn't help but doubt, burdock grass bur how can have such a big adhesion? Clothing, or animal hair, can stick to place it, and, obviously, it is more like the dog dog hair. Under the instigation of the curiosity, mace, brought back some plants to seminars, under a microscope, he found that there are many small hook on burdock fruit, it is this one small hook, make it strong to stick on the fabric and animal hair. Understand the principle, mei Stella's thought, can imitate the structure of the burdock fruit, to produce a reliable fastener? After six months of the experiment, he had succeeded, finally created a new kind of buckles - — 'Latitude', consists of A, B two pieces of fabric, A cloth has A lot of crooks, there are many small ball B cloth is woven, slip A pair, they are tightly glued together. Soon, 'weft gro' has been extended to all over the world, the first patent registered in Switzerland in 1951, after the later discussion, improving continuously, hook and loop completed batch production, widely used in all walks of life, electronics, furniture, cars, planes, handicraft, even NASA also like hook and loop lunch, if this is one of the most important 50 inventions of the 20th century, a little too much.
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