Velcro outside still can treat eye disease trichiasis? Really?

by:BAILI     2020-10-28
Trichiasis refers to the growth of eyelashes to the rear, so that hit the eye of abnormal condition, causes the Angle of conjunctivitis break out repeatedly, corneal astigmatism and other issues. This kind of disease is usually children and the old man, youth and other pathogens is more, if such like children patients if eyelash can not regularly to the hospital pulled out, number is treated by surgery. Prompting curl eyelash growth. Don't have to do surgery, said a lot of people think that to surgery is a serious illness to do surgery, the logic is right, but everything has an exception, trichiasis surgery process is relatively simple, actually will have little impact on the child, but it is the most effective means of overturned in the treatment of cilia. So parents don't have to worry too much about the trichiasis surgery. A lot of net friend asked again 'trichiasis treatment must be to trichiasis surgery? Is there any other method? 'Then the small number for some inverted eyelashes or age is too small with surgery in patients with small make up is to share a simple and fast method, as long as there is an item and a place to lay can be implemented, so an item is what items? This item Velcro is common in our life, many people not to know the hook and loop and the function, can treat eye disease, below small make up today to share the hook and loop the specific procedures for the treatment of inverted eyelashes. Use method 1, tape cut into 1 cm length; 2, make the patient down ( On) Look, torn off large pieces of white protective film, and vertical stick in the eyelashes; Upward (3, On) Pull, and tear small pieces of white protective film, adhesive tape at the top of the fixed to the brow upper part ( Cheek) 。 4, torn off the outer blue protective film. Velcro warm prompt: everybody in the use of the hook and loop at the same time, use after Mr Shu eyedrops/eye ointment to protect the cornea; Inverted eyelashes caused by inflammation of the conjunctiva to use Mr Mei ding eye drops diminish inflammation. Okay, today small make up more share so much, also want to more information about hook and loop consulting welcome calls 15920637637 / Mr Liang
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