Velcro quality analytical!

by:BAILI     2020-09-10
Velcro quality analytical! hook and loop points A lot of kinds, different industries will have different, on the quality of the products are divided into several categories, generally can be divided into class A, B, or C. How can we discern the stand or fall of the hook and loop! To identify the stand or fall of Velcro only need to pay attention to the following points. 1, double check the density of MAO, we need to observe the rigidity of baseband, that is to say whether solidly Velcro weaving. 2, the material, the female face and the male density into degrees below also largely reflects the stand or fall of Velcro, in general, female face and the closer male face, is that the good performance of the Velcro, is on the market. Velcro on the material composition of nylon brush with eyes nylon brush, nylon as well, using polyester has processed; 3, glue, nylon and polyester mix material performance is very good also, look at the single side adhesive synthesis, generally with comparison method, or use electronic measurement are compared; Again to see if double match closely, paying special attention to color fastness. Main: all kinds of Velcro/back glue/stamping/injection/die cutting/elastic/cable tie belt hook Velcro / 3 m service: incoming material control, quality assurance, factory direct sale, after-sale protection.
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