Velcro shear machine works

by:BAILI     2020-09-11
hook and loop shear machine working principle of the Velcro shears on the development of Velcro fastening belt had the very big role. Works: Velcro shear machine is the use of ultrasonic welding technology combined with traditional shear, working in the ultrasonic generator, ultrasonic energy through ultrasonic transducer to the welding head and violent vibration friction with the cutting die, so as to achieve the effect of shear, make the Velcro products after shear has more beautiful, stronger, more efficient and fast efficiency. Technical parameters: models: NK - CJQ1526A power: AC220V - 240 v / 50 - Frequency of 60 hz power: 1500 w: 20 KHZ pressure: 0. 6 - 0. MPS type: ultrasonic shear weight: 125 kg size: 1200 mm * 550 mm * 1350 mm ( Length x width x height)
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