Velcro sizing process which need to pay attention to what the gluing technique

by:BAILI     2020-10-23
Closely related to science and technology products, as time changes, the application of the hook and loop is electronic technology industry, one of the hook and loop related products are research and development design, and put into use in mass production, dell, samsung, apple, lenovo and so on a large number of high-tech electronic product using Velcro cable tie, various design form different products in electronic life everywhere. Is a kind of dangerous goods, but the cost is very low, and the stripping have good color fastness and gluing every 60 minutes to 40 y y speed, temperature 150 '( 2 - 5-170 ℃, bake 7 minutes, that is, complete. hook and loop adhesive matters should be paid attention to: ( 1) Velcro tension adjustment. ( 2) Blade Angle adjustment. ( 3) Avoid to take double impact quality, caused by defective rate. ( 4) Pay attention to the feed tank material without doing moderate supplement. ( 5) Avoid any tape has a crease. ( 6) Distinguish the color of the hook and loop by the shallow and deep, the gluing process. ( 7) Make sure the front side of ribbon distinguish stitched.
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