Velcro special purposes

by:BAILI     2020-09-03
Special purpose: hook and loop to introduce 1: 'hook' MAO with interactive weave weaving hook and MAO regular intervals on the same side, so that check the hair can be adhesive, use convenient and flexible, the hair the same color, also can save storage space, the surface is soft and don't blow hand, can effectively reduce the wear and tear to the outer clothing; To do rope belt, zipper head, sofa, shoes, handbags, handicrafts, lighting, Christmas gifts, medical equipment, electronics, The computer) Products, hardware and plastic products. 'Type flame retardant fire' after fire processing of nylon raw materials, used in direct contact with the skin products, constant contact with the flame is still will melt. Suitable for aerospace, professional fire protection equipment and accessories, and other industries and USES, such as aircraft, power box, overalls, laboratories, jacket, welding work clothes and so on. 'Mushroom head hook type' mushroom head textile Velcro is different from general Velcro, part of the hook is made of Polyester, very strong, and unique design of mushroom type so particularly strong tension. Fit special hook surface processing, excellent peel strength. Plasticizer resistant, resistant to moisture, uv resistance, solvent resistance, good tensile properties, repeatable closed, no intermediate prolapse, noise, vibration, etc. 'Waterproof glue - Acrylic glue 'the force that press a gram of gum can resist DOP, and does not produce glue, high temperature resistant, hard pressing needs in 24 hours after rear can peak viscosity. The late good stickiness, applicable temperature: - 20C- +110C. 'waterproof hot melt adhesive is suitable for, long-term contact with water, such as polishing abrasive disc, mop, etc.
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