Velcro strap wholesale manufacturers to open up online and offline sales_

by:BAILI     2021-04-14

As soon as the concept of 'new retail' came out, it was a new way of business development for traditional manufacturers such as Velcro strap wholesalers, and it also allowed manufacturers who missed a single online marketing method such as e-commerce. When it comes to hope, however, the combination of online and offline sales still requires the establishment of online channels for later use.

As far as the characteristics of Velcro work are concerned, traditional hook and loop work is a labor-intensive and capital-intensive industry with low concentration of work, fierce competitions, and unorganized competitions in shopping malls. At the same time, due to lack of ability in original planning and trend forecasting, product homogeneity is severe. In terms of production and sales, the supply chain production level and retail terminal management level are relatively low. In order to break this predicament, Textile Co., Ltd. not only built its own corporate website, but also carried out whole-network marketing, which broke the work limitation and realized simultaneous sales of products offline.

Customers are increasingly demanding hook and loop. They are no longer satisfied with simple needs, and their requirements for fashion, trends, and quality are getting higher and higher. Domestic Velcro brands and niche planner brands have gradually emerged, and the era of brand and shopping mall segmentation has come. In the long run, the innovation of Velcro work should be based on the user experience, and the online flow can be transferred to the offline, or offline to the online flow, and gradually form a closed loop. In addition, use the Internet and big data to replace the traditional closed production system to meet customer needs in many ways and break the traditional system of work. Personalized customization is an important trend for enterprises in the future. Through online communication, manufacturers can quickly communicate with users.

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