Velcro strap wholesalers introduce the types of pattern stickers_

by:BAILI     2021-04-13

Have you found that there are more or less velcro decorations on the clothes shown in many fashion shows, and the hook and loop belt wholesaler introduced us to the use of velcro, but even many of the shoes we wear are also used instead of shoelaces. Nowadays, due to the fast and slow pace of life, people's pursuit of lifestyle is no longer just practical, but faster, more convenient, comfortable, and personalized. Therefore, based on user feedback, strap wholesalers continue to respond to user needs and continuously improve straps to make their styles more diversified and support customization.

The essence of is the same, the surface is thin and soft fiber round hair (LOOP), and the other is hard hook and bristle (HOOK). The material of cable tie is mainly nylon, because nylon is not easy to burn and very soft. is more suitable for clothing and is a very environmentally friendly material. Flammable polyester materials are also used. The of this material is hard and feels rough. It is mainly used for daily necessities, although it is harder, but stronger. Usually a mixture of polyester and nylon is also used. This material has all the characteristics of polyester and nylon, is not easy to burn, and is very durable. is made of this material. There are also special materials, such as nylon A materials and non-wool materials. Different materials can be made into different types of materials. The material is different. The use of the material complies with environmental standards. Customers can choose different types of according to their requirements. According to different functions, can be divided into straps, tapes, adhesive , etc. It can also be designed according to customer requirements. Or provide raw materials and cut by yourself. is widely used in clothing, shoe and hat factories, luggage factories, sofa factories, curtain factories, toy factories, tent factories, glove factories, sports equipment factories, medical equipment factories, electronic plastic factories and various military products and other supporting industries. In all walks of life around the world.

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