Velcro strap with you go to school

by:BAILI     2020-10-19

a new semester will start. The students in the process of stop happy department false welcome the arrival of the new term. The preparation is also open. On some essentials when very hot.

the bookstore protege with parents in selecting the corresponding training materials, stationery shop outside many stationery to let a person see more riding, single pen have varied. Some receive material bags, some of them are with zipper, some of them are plastic buttons, and now more trick with back glue stick. This sticky strap come with glue, manufacturer in labor tear from type paper a stick can be, today's artificial excessive so much capital to economical artificial thrift, is a sale will be cheap, make for a pull open a post shu is very convenient. Serious obligations - books - - Bag, bag itself some lighter, more grid, but also to protect the back, with a few little detail some bags now, because the book released if discontent will be seven top eight, is to some businesses will add a trick to bind, to let all bag looks strong live books neatly. Prepare finished study supplies, for daily necessities, for dressing up.

said to this took said, now the nylon trick stick can bind to receive or classified some books, pens and other plays a big influence, can be repeated frequently used, also can match with black and white, sign pen can write want to indicate below the belt.

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