Velcro strip and product features

by:BAILI     2020-11-17

the UL approved nylon 66 ( 尼龙66) 94 v - material injection molding, fire rating 2, good acid, corrosion, insulation, not easy ageing, for strength. Operating temperature of 40 to 90 degrees below zero. Widely used in electronics factory, bundling TV, computers and other internal cables, lighting, electrical, electronic toys and other products within the lines fixed, mechanical equipment of oil pipe fixed, fixed cable line on ships. , bicycle vehicle packaging or bundling other objects, also can be used in agriculture, horticulture, handicrafts and so on a knot. This product has the binding fast, good insulation, self-locking ban solid, easy to use the characteristics of cable tie, as the name implies the lace to pack, design check out function, only the more tight, there are detachable cable tie. Divided into metal cable tie ( Generally for stainless steel) And plastic cable tie ( Generally for nylon material) Cable, commonly used in mechanical and electronic products, computer, electronic products, automotive wiring harness, etc.

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