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by:BAILI     2020-10-27
Household Velcro application industry is mainly used for garment factory, shoes factory, handbag factory, sofa factory, curtain factory, toy factory, tent factory, jin, sports equipment factory, factory, plastics factory and all kinds of electronics and other industries supporting, popular all over the world. Back glue Velcro back glue Velcro is in a traditional Velcro ( Dust coat cuff is hook with one side, one side is hair, can adhere to. Shoes fastening belt) On the basis of a layer of self-adhesive back processing, water can be attached to the plastic surface, the surface of metal, wood, electronic products such as surface, the cementation sex is extremely strong, customers in choosing a Velcro, often face a choice dyslexia, worry about bad choice to use Velcro, not only expensive, more time consuming. hook and loop supplier about how to restore the cohesive, Velcro is qualitative differences, sale price differences, some cheap and common. But if your lost efficacy consequences, then the price of product will also be discounted. To be us in full know the Velcro layout in the future, should pay attention to the consequences of Velcro cover. Material divided into two parts, one side is more than the small but in addition to the fiber texture soft, on the other side is hard to feel the agnail of hook. In general Velcro unit is calculated by the yard or meter, rarely say calculated according to square, we know that a yard is 0. 9144 meters, so usually Velcro roll is 27. 5 yards = 25 meters, this is common in the market. Velcro supplier to describe how hook and loop back adhesive research and development to produce so many products, the Velcro every working procedure is course after strict check, to begin to release the factory, everyone more interests. 1. Can apply this product, be may paste the lot, so much can bring convenience, can only be used this trick back stickers, can paste on convenient transportation, but also in application is also very convenient, with nothing more than some hand instruments, are taped live by this product. Velcro supplier about hook and loop how to restore the sticky Velcro is usually 1 cm - the specification 18 cm, the widest do only 18 cm, because the Velcro machines can only do so wide, make the Velcro is there will be a plus or minus value. Specifications to the requirement of material is lower, the greater the 18 cm white spot, there are few nylon 18 cm white sticky strap, few people use, are generally black spot in the majority; Instead of the specifications of the smaller the higher requirement for material, only nylon A level of 1 cm wide and not catch hair. Velcro supplier about Velcro how to restore the cohesive and various kinds of craft, can be found out about its use, especially in the field of manufacturing, all kinds of thread can make the worker's inefficient, and the same little hook and loop that part that can let the messy thrum disappear. In normal times, Velcro manufacturer has brought us much convenience, it not only can use messy things in life become neat, and also for our lot of saving resources, in order to better use the Velcro, we need to protect the hook and loop.
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