Velcro suppliers: gum quickly remove the skills of Velcro stick

by:BAILI     2020-10-29
Velcro right using method, a new magic stick does not generally failure but it is important to note that when they are washed stick good Velcro can wash, so that to prevent failure, to avoid corrosive detergent when washing. Back glue Velcro to use convenient installation, dismantle the characteristics such as simple and was welcomed by many people now. But the gum is not a hook and loop glue, if it is a special viscose more sticky glue, if want to demolish the back tape glue Velcro, everybody should do best? The following will be introduce you five moves easily dismantled super glued back glue Velcro: powerful pull Velcro, prevent movement popped open design. So tear left and right hook and loop can make the Velcro hook broken cause failure or to force the magic stick with the corset apart. Must bear in mind that the magic stick open way is to open the can up and down. Sound small and easy to open the way! Remember about forcibly torn, lead to improper use, buyers think Velcro not durability or wrong belong to quality problems. Open the Velcro must be up and down direction, bear in mind that left and right pull to open. Velcro material of a kind of traditional sewing technology: sewing thread gluing is a common product of Velcro, Velcro sew by sewing machine is sewing Velcro, in the field of clothing, this is the most commonly used, dress collocation of the textile materials to a great extent, which improves the performance of clothing, clothing overall look even more beautiful, also the use of this kind of hook and loop clothing mainly instead of buttons and zippers make clothing wear faster, at the same time, it is a kind of green textile accessories, no harm to human body, and resistance to yellowing, resistant to sunlight, washed these characteristics make the Velcro strap became the indispensable important in clothing accessories. 1, the magic stick hand cream. Tear up print on the surface of the first, and then squeeze it hand cream on top, with their thumb slowly rub, rub for a while can make the sticky glue that are laid down. Is a little slow. Hand cream as part of the oil material, its nature and glues are incompatible. In addition to the glue is this feature with it. 2, magic stick with a banana oil. Is used to remove the paint of a kind of agent used in industry, also it is easy to buy ( Sell paint there are sold in the) 。 Method also like alcohol and acetone. 3, the magic stick with paper towel touchs a few alcohol ( Had better use industrial alcohol, will also make do without medical) To wipe, clean it a few times. 4, magic stick with acetone. The above method. Consumption and thoroughly, and the best thing is it can very quickly very easy to remove the residual gum, better than alcohol. 5, magic stick with a nail polish remover. Usage also like alcohol and acetone. The effect is very good. Nail polish remover does not require the quality, good or general is ok, as long as it can remove nail polish all can.
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