Velcro to save your image

by:BAILI     2020-11-07
A save saddle, Velcro hair top at the thought of with hook and loop, the girls began to feel good trouble, is actually a good simple, familiar with a roll of blows as long as after 3 minutes, and the volume is quite natural. Specific operation method is as follows: 1. Head hair points before and after the two paragraphs, the front hair amount after a period of less than; 2. Vertical curly hair and scalp and hair bouquets to pull with vertical, scalp from hair end to encase the devil glue volume to the hair root; 3. Two direction to the opposite direction to the contrary, the front roll forward, after a period of roll back; 4. Good with blower, micro blow if we want to speed up the time, can use low blow. A roll, blows, hair root immediately swell up. Second, air spray save saddle back flat head the most ugly, air spray can come in handy at this time. Inside and out with a spray, grasp a again, arc shape of the head is elegant presented. 1. A wide range of surface layer published a wide range of nozzle, let a hair have support degree; 2. Pull open the inner spray side spray can conveniently pull level; 3. Dial the loose his hands deep into hair in order to make free expansion degree QiGan, loosen gently in his hands deep into hair; 4. Pulls up with the palm again surface emitting level supporting surface hair spray, make administrative levels more obvious. Three, mousse, charging volume to save the collapse of hair hair fleeciness just isn't enough, curls if now loose roll degree is not enough, it is difficult to give a person luxuriant impression. Mousse hair gel, electric volume can help most at this time. Curly hair before screen wire, roll degree not only maintain and more natural one. To finalize the design and fluffy hair first place both mousse hair gel, just the size of 10 yuan, from down to up on mu silk is secret; 2. To coil rods roll to roll degree, reoccupy hand away and gently roll degree nature.

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