Velcro Velcro die cutting production processing

by:BAILI     2020-09-02
Velcro in different industries is common used Velcro hair other way of saying: hair, hair belt, bang posts. It can be directly on the hair, used to use fixed hair, don't let a hair fell down, much to do hairdressing, curly hair, can also in female makeup or when washing a face, used to live in front of the head is tacky, don't let a hair fell down, this product is used for convenient, easy and time-saving, also can be used repeatedly. Velcro in the application of the life rich and colorful, but we found that both use anything, as long as able to master certain skills, products can be more handy, but also to a certain extent, prolong the service life of products. Velcro, too, if we want to make better use of it for production and living services, should master the use of some basic skills. Velcro industry is used to do fire back glue Velcro, the hook and loop of gum due to its low price, stable quality, easy to use, color and shape are not subject to any restrictions, popular with many people, so the hook and loop of gum has a very wide range of applications. In the home also is very suitable for back glue Velcro, easier then for family! Wire bundling belt ( Velcro cable tie, fixed belt, fastening belt bind belt) : as the fastening belt application scope expands unceasingly, to develop new products in succession electric wire bundling belt, medical bandages, elastic, Elastic) Tied with Velcro and fixation bandages, bind mobile phone chargers and other products by hook and suede joint and soft suede surface can effectively protect the bound surfaces are not destroyed, the hook and fit suede strong tension, fall off not easily, effectively fixed all kinds of electronic wire, etc. ; 。 Product application: electronic science and technology industry, electronics products, stationary items, electronic wire, medical equipment, mechanical internal use, etc. Specification: according to the guest needs custom-made production. Curls with Velcro special weave, cut the tick bite curl is strong, delicate appearance, hook a finer non-stick, easy to hair off from the ground up, at the bottom of the tape is breathable, the main raw material nylon yarn specifications in Taiwan. Article points according to customer requirement, back glue, die cutting, stamping, screen printing, pressure character, sewing, laminating, such as high frequency, ultrasonic processing into a variety of size, shape and pattern. Main use wash hair hind, roll coil for hair, after being dry hair removed from the ground up, again hair shape of wave. Suitable for: hair ornaments, packaging supplies, etc.
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