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by:BAILI     2020-09-11
hook and loop Velcro stickers English is what? Now generally there are two versions, one is the Velcro, is a Magic straps. Which is a standard with Velcro, because it is the world's general. So, how did it come? There is a story of it. Velcro English Velcro, shall be investigated for its origin, we need to speak of from the development history of hook and loop. It is formed by a Swiss engineer George DE - Max he le ( 1907 - — 1990). The invention. A hunting, he found that the needle tail grass on his clothes. He used a microscope and found the needle tail grass fruit has a hook structure, can stick to the fabric. He thought with a hook fixed hair surface. Due to the fastening belt has the characteristics of convenience, practicability, this product was soon spread to all over the world. To say the Velcro is invention in the history of the most successful imitation of biotechnology. Velcro English Velcro is rock prison products by the United States English name 'hook and loop' conversion, 'Velcro' products into China in the early 1980 s, controlled by zhejiang hundred hundred - agent distribution, but because no Chinese name, communication up very convenient, and because '' features, mainly is side by side with hooklike fabric and belt villous fabric, stick together to produce natural viscous force, with the hand pull and natural separation, the feeling of like magic general, so the , the is just visible a name in China.
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