Velcro Velcro type profile, and use category

by:BAILI     2020-10-24
How to ensure environmental protection clothing? With Velcro, fastening belt, trademarks, marks, the status of water washing label as adjuncts in the clothing design is more and more outstanding, some sense of design is widely used in clothing fashion women's clothing and leisure clothing, but the expert reminds, garment accessories in addition to the basic function: practical with adornment sex, to guarantee the safety, health, environmental protection, enterprises in the process of production of garment accessories, must not ignore the environmental requirements of the plastic parts. For the strengthening of environmental protection in the clothing accessories, the opinions of the experts give is the enterprise should step up to the safety management and control the quality of the plastic accessories, when necessary, clothing textiles raw materials of polyester yarn will be sent to the third party inspection agencies, to verify that the raw material suppliers test results are valid. In addition, to organize production in strict accordance with the industry technical regulations and standards, do not blindly follow the customer request, to avoid unnecessary time and economic loss. The word appeared, you might be a little strange, it belongs to a kind of cable tie, application is very extensive. Also called snap button, can be divided into two sides, hairy face, catch hair, to reach the effect of adhesive bonding. Due to its wide range of USES, then an increasingly wide range, the types of it? And in what areas of our lives? The types and usage of hook and loop category type 1: just said it belongs to a kind of cable tie, among them with a species called with Velcro. Than the cable tie is convenient, used for one-way cable tie, and it is double two-way use, can be used in the packed goods. Type 2: hair type. Girls like beauty, will always give a lot of hair modelling, hair type used in this species. Type 3: MAO. This species can be seen everywhere, used for clothing, shoes, handbags, etc. Type iv: hook one-piece, MAO multi-purpose bonding in daily life supplies. Type iv: back-to-back type, used in electronic products. This shows, the kinds of Velcro is various, so we are to make a proper judgment according to their own requirements, choose the suitable products, the above views are for reference only.
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