Velcro what are the application materials

by:BAILI     2020-09-27
Velcro material Velcro, what are the application is also called the hook and loop, with the devil, the devil felt, Velcro, is a fibrous fastening, invention company is a 'dimensional jail'. It usually consists of two fabric, one is on the surface of a circular structure, another is hooked on the surface structure. When two fabric compaction force, hook and loop combination, forming a temporary state of fastening. If you want to both separation, need to force them apart. In fact the first Velcro is pure cotton, but later found not practical to nylon. hook and loop what are the application materials? 1, the nylon material, is not easy to burn, and very soft, Velcro is suitable for use on clothing, and is very environmentally friendly material. 2, polyester material is easy to burn and produce black smoke, was accompanied by a pungent taste, material is hard, and feels rough. 3, polyester and nylon material is a combination of all the characteristics of polyester and nylon, nonflammable, very durable. Back glue Velcro material qualitative make it is to use the 4 A grade, nylon material is very soft, commonly used for close-fitting clothes, but also can use on baby, won't cause skin damage. 5, don't catch hair material basically has not catch hair hook and loop type, only the hair surface, hook with A grade nylon material use, usually used in relatively more intimate apparel. Different materials can be made into different Velcro, the different material, its usefulness and characteristics are also different, but all kinds of Velcro is accord with environmental protection standards, customers can choose according to their requirements of different types of Velcro.
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