Want to buy a batch of Velcro, do not know how to choose a manufacturer

by:BAILI     2020-10-04
How to choose a suitable back glue hook and loop manufacturer is each back glue Velcro purchaser of one of the problems. Quality, delivery, service is measured back glue Velcro manufacturer of several factors. Quality: if you are in the process of the early stage of the sample with the quality of the viscous and back glue hook and loop is satisfied, don't take lightly, the production of quality stability packaging quality is the most fundamental core of the problem. If you select a factory quality unstable, again using big goods quality problems, not only affect your delivery date and the entire shipment is likely to scrap, so the stability of the quality is guaranteed. In the back glue hook and loop industry 17 years, with imports of gum production line and have rich production experience, in the quality stability is well received by many customers. Delivery: if you demand delivery is 7 working days, but you will take 10 days to have the cooperation of manufacturers can give to you the goods, want to think you will have much injustice, delivery when measuring a company's production efficiency, textile for conventional back glue Velcro is usually 3 - 5 days of delivery, the special back 5 - when the glue material delivery 7 days. Only need 7 - gum after processing 10 days of delivery, so select textile generally meet the delivery problem. Service: service is a company's attitude to the customer's standard, textile set up independent customer service department, 7 * 24 customer service line, only to meet customer demand.
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