Wash brush shoes machine belt how to install? Durable?

by:BAILI     2020-11-03
In real life, wash brush shoes machine installation of belt? Today, teach you a little tips. Is put the brush on the pulsator, as converted into shoes machine washing or itself is to wash the shoes machine, if is to wash the shoes machine, there should be a screw that device, so they could very well installed. Scrub brush belt and durable shoes machine? It is very durable! Because of washing machine brush shoes belt with steel wire frame, tensile deformation, prevent loose synchronous belt and synchronous gear shaft, anti-slip, not polished leather belt, until the end of the service life of the belt; Because the United States dupont hook and loop, durable; Magic stick with the results of synchronous belt adopt toughness strong fishing line sewing quality, adopt Taiwan double needle sewing equipment production, large factory production, ensure quality. Three is because joint firm, not loose, interface encryption system of suture needle foot again; Weak acid weak sense of corrosion resistance; Is the service life of the ordinary brush belt more than 2 times; Brush material variety, can be detailed consultation solutions, because it is a big factory, so they have quality. First is the natural wool brush materials used, the so-called natural wool, namely refers to such as bristle, wool collection rather than synthetic materials used directly. Such as for bristles, wool, horse hair and so on material properties also have differences, according to the use environment of customer choose to use. So-called brush belt on the market is actually common belt, steel wire, easy deformation and loose flat PVC + optical axis, shallow grain deformation loose easily polished belt skid domestic nylon material, easy broken. Brush belt hook and loop usually use cotton, in ordinary nylon line or even use waterproof glue joint manually, easy to fall off, combined with the imprecise, reading the delaminating interface easy; In small workshops; Stitching not soak and corrosion resistance; Service life is short, replace belt frequency, cost is higher than it Cleaning shoes machine belt use T5 tooth brush belt is for the sole cleaning machine transmission design, strong commonality, cheap, durable. Size can be customized according to customers' requirements.
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