What are the characteristics of the dyeing process of the adhesive Velcro_

by:BAILI     2021-04-15

Adhesive Velcro is one of the most commonly used products that everyone knows. At any time, there is a good product that can or may encounter trick stickers. The baby products, clothes, and these devices we use basically have trick stickers. The adhesive Velcro is in everyone’s eyes. It looks very inconspicuous, but when used, it is very different. Its results and effects are The result is irreplaceable in industrial products. Some other products cannot replace Velcro. Velcro looks practical and simple. It is just a combination of two kinds of materials: rough surface and hook surface. , It constitutes a tearing force, which can glue two disagreeable objects together.

Today, let’s understand a process in the Velcro manufacturing process-dyeing. When the Velcro is distributed with other products, if the color is inconsistent, there will be an out-of-color comparison. , It doesn’t seem to be a complete set, so when the hook and loop is distributed, the color of the Velcro must be consistent with the Velcro color of the distributed item. It seems that there is a kind of coordination. Really, its dyeing process is also very messy, and it takes many processes to dye it into a desired color. Therefore, the dyeing process must be abnormal and careful. If you don't pay attention, the color composition will be inconsistent, the luminosity will be distorted, and the style of Velcro will have a great impact. The dyeing process of the Velcro we usually use is not very high. If the quality of the adhesive Velcro is high, the requirement for the dyeing process is also very high.

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