What are the key factors of quality of Velcro

by:BAILI     2020-10-06
hook and loop is cheap and the effect also is very big. It is these factors, the price and quality of Velcro became our most care of a problem. About using Velcro career, because every time they buy Velcro number is larger, the quality excellent Velcro can not only effectively progress they produce efficiency, because together with longer life, also can reduce the enterprise a lot of money. So what factors will affect the quality of the Velcro? 1, the raw materials of Velcro. Velcro raw material to reach the high quality level, abilities to ensure that produce the hook and loop to the quality of the product is better. The hook and loop is made of the must have varieties of yarn, and different yarn made of different fibers. Fiber is refers to the diameter of thin, generally for a few microns to dozens of micrometers, length and many times larger than the fineness, but also must be flexible material. Nature, there are many varieties of fiber, but not all the fiber can be used to spinning weaving, as long as it can be used to produce fiber talent called Velcro hook and loop. As a fiber, should have the following functions: ( 1) Outstanding physical and mechanical features, Velcro fiber is necessary after processing technology talents for weaving. Both in the processing, is still in the process of sewing and wearing, they have to accept all kinds of external force, such as stretching, change, twists and turns, conflict, and repeatedly effect of external force, and make the Velcro corresponding deformation occurs. ( 2) Must the fineness and the length of the fiber fineness and length to a suitable Velcro processing requirements. Because of the fiber in the process of produce hook and loop, generally still need to put the fiber twisting together, talents spun into yarn. ( 3) Hygroscopicity and air permeability, moisture absorption and air permeability is Velcro fiber necessary cleaning function. Excellent moisture absorption can be conducive to absorb human body sweat, grease, and fabric dyeing and printing color. Permeability is the clothing wearing comfortable, has the feeling of cool. ( 4) Chemical stability, Velcro fiber of light, heat, acid and alkali solution is necessary to the chemical stability of must, as long as to not make the fiber under the effect of the above substances, fell by utilizing life, damage. ( 5) Dyeing function, Velcro is typically after printing and dyeing processing, combined with a variety of colors or stripes talents to eventually use way, so the Velcro fiber should have surely dyeing function.
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