What are the main uses of the adhesive Velcro! _

by:BAILI     2021-04-10

  Self-adhesive Velcro is also known as back-adhesive hook and loop tape, or double-sided adhesive Velcro;

   Performance: the back of nylon hook and loop is coated with a layer of special self-adhesive glue at high temperature When in use, press the adhesive and the material to be glued, and simply uncover the release oil paper on the back of the Velcro, you can post it on various types of smooth and clean objects.

   Features: stable quality, suitable for large-scale purchases, and can be punched in various sizes and colors according to requirements.

  Scope of application: plastic PVC, paper products, stationery, raincoats, plastic, leather, wood, metal, electronics, glass, ceramics, automotive supplies, bathroom supplies, etc.

   Now the application of hook and loop is quite extensive. Hope to help you.

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