What are the processing of high-quality adhesive Velcro_

by:BAILI     2021-04-15

High-quality adhesive Velcro, adhesive technology hook and loop Velcro machine can handle ordinary adhesive processing or back-to-back lamination processing, general adhesive processing can process adhesives with a width of 12.5-200mm. Ordinary adhesive processing can process the following materials; ordinary Velcro adhesive, plastic hook adhesive, flannel adhesive, etc. Adhesive Velcro processing materials can be: ordinary crochet processing, plastic crochet processing, ordinary crochet processing, etc. Yellow paper, transparent paper, milky white paper, etc. are rarely used. Generally, white paper has thickening and normal thickness. Commonly used is the release paper of normal thickness. If you do not say which paper is used in production, the general production staff will automatically use the normal thickness for you.

The adhesive force of the back glue hook and loop adhesive is stronger, and the product itself is an adhesive product. For stickiness, it can basically stick all products, and for daily necessities, you can use it. More suitable. As far as stickiness is concerned, as long as you persevere, unless you put in a lot of effort, stickiness will not decrease. It is convenient to use this product. It can be pasted a lot, which brings convenience. As long as this magic tape is used, it can be easily transported on the pasting. It is also very convenient to use. Protection is protective softness, so if you use this self-adhesive hook and loop during a collision, it can act as a buffer and cut off the power supply, so it has good protection. It is more convenient to use.

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