What are the seven features of fastening take?

by:BAILI     2020-11-11
What are the seven features of fastening take? 1, the fastening belt are easy to use, fast, whether for fastening is still need to pull open is very convenient, and fastening belt are particularly economical, is cheap and fine. 2, the color of the strap is not easy to fade, more colors such as red, yellow, white, black, and it can reach fixed, the effect of bonding, and can rise to decorate and decorate the effect. Has strong ability of button 3, sticky tape to its surface and surface joint together after MAO, items in the fixed is not easy to fall off. When used in fixed wire and cable not only fastening effect is significant, and also has the effects of the insulation. 4, the temperature resistance of fastening belt is very strong, even in the boiled water to also won't soften, change, not only the limits of high melting point and heat resistance can reach 120 degrees. 5, sticky strap is very soft, good patience, does not hurt the skin also does not hurt the fastening devices, and not out of shape not easily. Can not only durable fastening effect, but also to protect by strapping of objects. Six, fastening belt is composed of manufacturer is made from nylon, polyester, etc, the excellent material, has the function of the flame retardant, environmental protection and iron tolerance, has the very high tensile resistance. 7, because the fastening belt production raw material, such as: nylon, polyester, gum, etc. , so the applicable scope is very wide, in apparel, footwear, industrial and other industries are widely used. All in all, our life have sticky strap not only become rich and colorful, and have made a lot of fast speed. Followed to carry out and the needs of the society, and as a textile trick stick factory has been trying to raise the level of quality and design techniques. Trust fastening belt in the future development will be broader towards diversification, science and technology, etc.
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