What are the use of the back glue Velcro

by:BAILI     2020-10-06
As long as you can find carefully, back glue Velcro has deep into our daily life, such as wire rod finishing, dress, shoes, belt and so on, he greatly has made our life. So, textile will introduce you to what is below back glue hook and loop. Back glue Velcro also called sticky strap, or call double-sided adhesive hook and loop back, it is made from nylon Velcro, coated with a special glue at high temperature to produce a special glue, when used to press hard, sticky materials just after opening Velcro, shedding of paper can stand on all kinds of smooth objects. Back glue Velcro means normal Velcro and special hook and loop on the basis of the belt itself after high temperature hot melt adhesive machine, glue will melt in the normal Velcro and special Velcro strap, a layer of oil on the back of the type, the back glue Velcro was finished. Adhesive has the characteristics of stable quality, can be applied to bulk purchase or design of various sizes and colors as required. It is usually used in raincoat, timber, electronics, metal, glass, etc. Clothes, handbags, also use glue Velcro back, can be compressed into a variety of specifications and shapes, convenient and can protect the support of advanced audio and other household electrical, some families install the floor tile, don't want to be a desk and a chair, with back glue Velcro to protect. Back glue Velcro at the same time, according to the cohesive strength can be divided into three categories: : 1. Work with ordinary hot melt adhesive, melting point is lower, is suitable for low temperature environment and winter use, its viscosity and strength are very common. 2. Another sticky Velcro is high temperature resistant, high melting point, suitable for use in the hot summer, some high temperature mechanical strength and the strength is stronger. 3. Project in addition, there is a 3 m adhesive products, this is a special kind of advanced processing products, using 3 m adhesive are cut into the corresponding specifications, with adhesive on the back of the magic products. Back glue Velcro is fixed on the Internet, and then tied, avoid losing and binding, hook face short, will not damage the surface of the wire, wire well is the whole family. Back glue Velcro compared with ordinary Velcro products better use, use more durable, because on the basis of original products, after high temperature hot melt glue machine back will melt glue on the back of belt, so special processing after the back glue adhesive is stronger, generally finished product will be stamped with a layer of oil from the type of paper. Textile is the core of the Velcro industry manufacturers, 8 years to always take the customer as the center, deep understanding of customer demand for products customers recommend suitable material and glue to ensure product quality to customer satisfaction. More information, welcome to inquire: 15920637637 / Mr Liang Velcro core business!
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