What are the uses of Velcro for babies_

by:BAILI     2021-04-16

Baby Velcro is soft, warm and does not stick to the skin, and is environmentally friendly. Baby Velcro Velcro is a kind of loops on one wall and bristles on the other wall. Because of the influence of data, it must be targeted at the moment of application, especially the Velcro used on baby products. The baby’s skin is usually delicate, so the hook and loop used on bellybands, diapers, and bibs are usually non-fluorescent, the price of baby Velcro, this kind of gold hook is not only suitable for baby clothing, but also It is very suitable for medical treatment and toys. The Velcro used by babies on weekdays is matched with nylon fleece cloth, which is soft and soft.

1. The Velcro for baby diapers is not unfamiliar to most people, especially mothers who have given birth to babies. The baby's skin is very tender and smooth, so we need more protection. The Velcro for diapers has a soft texture and a flat hook surface. It can be useful for protecting babies' immature skin.

2. Baby Velcro shoelaces have many benefits. Toddlers with Velcro shoelaces can adjust the size of the instep of the shoes freely according to the width of the baby's different feet and the thickness of the instep, so as to better stick It fits the baby's little feet, and at the same time prevents the shoelace from falling apart due to the loose or too long of the popular shoelace. The convenient Velcro also greatly shortens the time for the baby to put on and take off the shoes, reduce the anxiety of the baby when putting on the shoes, and make the baby have a good habit of wearing shoes since childhood.

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