What are the uses of Velcro for cars? _

by:BAILI     2021-04-13

  Most people only know that Velcro is an accessory in textiles, and it is commonly used on shoes and clothes. In addition, Velcro has other uses, such as the use on the car. So, for cars, what are the uses of hook and loop?

   In the car, there are many places of Velcro used in the car, such as using Velcro in the trunk of the car’s net pocket to store things inside the car. Bags, the items on the car are sometimes messy, and it is very upset to look at it. At this moment, install the net bag screw Velcro on the car, so that more items can be placed in the trunk.

  Car mats are indispensable supplies in daily cars, but they are generally the most neglected supplies. The primary function of car floor mats is to prevent slippage, to avoid abrasion of vehicle interiors, to effectively prevent rain, ice, snow, and sand from staining the interiors. At the same time, it also has the function of sound insulation. In general, if the vehicle floor is not equipped with a fixing bolt device, you can choose a foot pad equipped with Velcro when you buy it. When installing it, you only need to stick the Velcro to the car floor. The effect is the same as the fixing bolt.

   The car light barrier, when the sun or lights are directly on the surface platform, the glossy surface of the surface platform will reflect the light into a reflection, forming a blind spot. This is very risky for driving. In order to avoid the light barrier, If it falls, you can use the adhesive Velcro to stick it.

  The decorations in the car can also be fixed with 3M adhesive Velcro, such as: fixing of driving recorders, decorations, perfume, foot pads, cushions and other items. At this moment, 3M double-sided adhesive and stationery double-sided adhesive are just the opposite. For a more user-friendly design, 3M adhesive is not very sticky when it is first applied. In order to facilitate everyone to change the wrong position, the tape is stuck for 24 hours. The better the effect, the longer the sticking time, the better the stickiness.

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