What characteristic does the diapers in gum magic attached

by:BAILI     2020-10-12
Diapers special back glue hook and loop: ultra-thin back glue Velcro, clasps number 2400, transverse tensile and peel strength. Back glue Velcro according to hook type will be divided into 2 fine, fine ShuangGou 3, 4, coarse hook reverse half 5 hooks four varieties. Compared with traditional novel is as follows: 1, super light, thin, super transverse tensile, ( To an average of 1000 g/cm) 2, tick bite gap is only 1 mm, ( Traditional hook hair side in 2 - About 3 mm) 3, new injection hook is not easy to hook yarn, meticulous, hooks in garment sewing appearance texture preferred. 4, can match the reverse printing, enhance brand image, thus achieve product plus effect as a whole. 5, in addition to the traditional sewing fixed, can match open mode high frequency pressing, improve product delicate degree. Both images: traditional fastening hook + face new back glue Velcro 1, use nylon single yarn weaving; 1, adopt continuous injection molding, product quality stability, precision. 2, hook hair thickness up to 3. 3毫米; 2, less dense, hook type meticulous, strong transverse tensile, dense. 3, processing cutting edge is easy to take off the yarn, cloth edge is not neat; 3, avoid sewing, high frequency pressing, can create different shapes. 4, suitable for industry application category: cars, clothing, bags, shoes, clothing industry, medical equipment.
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