What difference between nylon back glue Velcro and polyester back glue Velcro

by:BAILI     2020-10-01
Back glue Velcro varieties varied, as the layman, when choosing the back glue hook and loop branch has a lot of trouble, don't know what's the difference between different materials, how to know. Let small make up for your next introduced: in fastness alone, polyester adhesive hook and loop back pull the consideration; Nylon back for a long time to spread out the glue hook and loop. Common back glue Velcro is divided into three levels: A level: 100% nylon material characteristics: all this information, hair side neat, uniform thickness, good glossiness; Hook type surface hook put densely, feel comfortable, hook type pervious to light can see to put neat, glittering and translucent get rid of. B: blended data or 60% polyester + 40% nylon features: this data, rough thickness is A level slightly better, colour and lustre degree is not high; Hook type surface hook feel is rough, opposite pervious to light visible rows of columns of the eyelet. Class C: polyester material is 70% polyester + 30% nylon material characteristics: this data, surface thickness is A and B are most thin
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