What is a magic stick? Velcro where I can buy?

by:BAILI     2020-11-02
Velcro is often used in our daily life, can say is everywhere! So for Velcro everywhere you know how much? Do you know the hook and loop where I can buy? hook and loop ( 钩 循环) , and other names, such as snap button, fastening belt, buckles, Velcro, magic, is one of the types of clothing accessories, both sides into lash. Looks really simple, just by MAO and hook face a combination of two substances, it is because of this, to form a tore a pull, two different objects can be glued together, the effect is really great, strong adhesive and sex. So magic with what material? The characteristics of these materials? Magic with five kinds of material, one is nylon material, obvious nylon is not easy to burn, and very soft, Velcro is suitable for use on clothing, is also very of environmental protection material; Second, polyester material, the material of the Velcro easy to burn, qualitative hard, feel is rough, so in the use of this material Velcro pay special attention to fire prevention fire; Third, polyester and nylon material, the material of Velcro is a combination of all the characteristics of polyester and nylon, nonflammable, very durable, use for a long time; Four is A grade nylon material, the material of Velcro is very soft, little damage to the skin, often used as A close-fitting clothing, can also be used in baby clothes; 5 it is not catch hair is qualitative, the material of the Velcro is mainly for hair don't scratch Velcro types, only the hair surface, hook A level material use, often with nylon multi-purpose in intimate apparel. Where can we buy the usual hook and loop? As is known to all, the Internet rapid development, now we don't buy things in stores, online buying hook and loop is very reliable and safe, recommend, can search on the net, Velcro, price concessions, Velcro quality is very good. How do you also need other types of Velcro, feel free to consulting, both size and various types of Velcro, everything!
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