What is a magic stick? Velcro why call magic stick

by:BAILI     2020-11-03
What is hook and loop? Velcro fastening belt in male female two sides: one side is soft fiber, the other side is a stab of elastic fibers. Male parent phase clasp, under a certain lateral force, under the condition of elastic hook is straight, loose and open from the loop pile, then restore the original hook type, so repeated opening and closing of up to ten thousand times. Male parent phase clasp, can be simple, button up easily labeled, so called Velcro. Sticky strap? Actually fastening belt is another name for Velcro, like west persimmon compared with tomato, in essence is a kind of material. Fastening belt are very common, is usually we use umbrellas, canvas shoes from tie my shoelaces when there is a close on live, avulsion is opened. Clothes, of course, is also often used in fastening belt, fastening belt are various, is closely related to life. Velcro is that we now are widely used in many industry category item, although just a little one, we are really in the corresponding application fields without the advantages of this kind of item. Thanks to the hook and loop low cost advantage. Now all kinds of the development of science and technology makes the related cost control also have more available space, then for the production and use of Velcro, relatively low cost not only can make this kind of item has a certain competitive advantage, but also can bring more profits for the enterprise value-added can play space. Nylon fastening belt can be seen everywhere in our daily life, a relatively high visibility, commonly used on the clothes or shoes. If need to wholesale fastening with hook and loop, you can search on the net, everything. This is small make up knowledge summed fastening belt, hope I can help to you!
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