What is adhesive Velcro? What are its applications? _

by:BAILI     2021-04-17

Adhesive Velcro means that on the basis of the general Velcro and special hook and loop tapes, the glue is melted on the discrepancy between the general Velcro and special Velcro tapes through a high-temperature adhesive hot melt machine, and then applied A layer of oily release paper is the adhesive hook and loop of the product.

  The release paper of    adhesive Velcro is generally white, but yellow paper and transparent colored paper, milky white paper, etc. are rarely used. The sliced u200bu200bsquare adhesive Velcro is generally thicker and normal for white paper, and release paper of normal thickness is commonly used. If you don't say what kind of paper is used when it is produced, the production staff will take the initiative to use it for you. thickness.

   glue punching type hook and loop can make the corresponding glue according to the product information that the customer needs to stick. It can be stamped into various specifications and shapes. It can be used as a maintenance pad for stool and chair legs, and can also be used to maintain high-end audio and video and other household appliances. It can also be used on raincoats, clothes and handbags. The release oil paper can be pasted on various types of smooth and clean objects. Especially suitable for paper products, PVC leather, PP, ABS, 90% viscosity can be reached within 1 hour after pasting, convenient and fast, and very versatile.

   Self-adhesive Velcro is suitable for: stationery, computer products, household products and other products that are not easy to sew and not easy to process by voltage.

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