What is the anti-static Velcro fastening belt? The principle of it is

by:BAILI     2020-11-03
Static electricity is a kind of charge in the stationary state. In a dry and windy in autumn, in daily life, people often encounter this kind of phenomenon. For example, take off clothes sleeping at night, dark often hear the clatter of crack, and accompanied by blue light; Meet to shake hands, fingers just comes into contact with each other, will suddenly feel finger needle stabbing pain, a frightened to disgrace; Morning comb my hair, the hair will often 'gone with the wind', the reason the chaotic; Sliding door handles, faucets will produce the feeling of 'electric shock', and we will produce static anyway. So, what is anti-static Velcro fastening belt? Antistatic stick hook and loop strap, and other names, such as snap button, fastening belt, buckles, Velcro, magic, is a common connection accessories on the clothes, male female two sides, one side the other side is small flexible fiber is a hard like xiaomao catch. Points on both sides, one side is the thorn of hook, MAO ( 钩) Side is round (MAO 循环) 。 The general clothes HOOK on it. Where can we buy the usual hook and loop? As is known to all, the Internet rapid development, now we don't buy things in stores, online shopping also is very reliable and safe, personal recommendations, can search on the net the, because in his house to buy before Velcro, price concessions, hook and loop quality is very good. Anti-static hook and loop fastening belt will have very good antistatic effect. Anti-static Velcro fastening belt is widely used for garment factory, shoes factory, bags factory, sofa factory, curtain factory, toy factory, tent factory, jin, sports equipment factory, medical apparatus and instruments factory, electronic plastics factory and form a complete set of all kinds of military products and other industries, and widely used all over the world from all walks of life. details
One increasingly popular managerial tactic to improve problem-solving performance of custom hook and loop is to increase the connectedness, or what academics call clustering, of the organization
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