What is the back glue Velcro cable tie, used in what respect?

by:BAILI     2020-09-20
What is the back glue hook and loop cable tie, used in what respect? Back glue Velcro cable tie is one of the magic tie, improved the ordinary and special two Velcro, is divided into two sides, one side is hooked on the surface of thorn, one side is viscose type, sticky excellent results. It belongs to the viscous products, mainly in the daily life of many application, paper, electronics and package in household industry. Due to the strong adhesive system product is stronger, is very practical in the luggage industry, can prevent the short-term damage items. Can use the back glue hook and loop cable tie is no ordinary species widely used, the cohesive strength is too big, many ordinary applications can't use, some stick because of its features, the general separation strength can't make it. But one can often see the transport industry, it can stick to something to hand, convenient performance is extremely strong. Such products can be directly to processing production wholesale, or looking for agents to buy, can also through the network channels, as long as good quality products generally can be in the rapid development of market. - Glue Velcro - back With sticky strap
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