What is the back glue Velcro color fastness

by:BAILI     2020-10-15
Speak of the back glue hook and loop color fastness, probably most of buyers don't care or are not very understanding. But the bulk has relationship with a lot of things. Because the color fastness to back glue Velcro life and has a close relationship with the user's health. Firstly briefly explain the back glue hook and loop fastness: the concept of textile color in the process of processing and use of all kinds of effect of resistance. What do you mean? Popular speak be sticky strap color to the influence of the situation, to the difficulty of the color change. The higher the color fastness, color more stable, not easy to change color. Back glue Velcro during long time use will be affected by sunlight, oxygen, perspiration and so on factors issued to the attraction of the same. The most obvious is deep light color, such as white, yellow; Deep color, such as brown to yellow. Because this is a relatively long process, many buyers don't care much about. But the fact is that in which have some traces of chemical change, release some poisonous chemicals, indirect influence the user's health. And a color change effect beautiful and everyone will know, but the influence the health of human body a lot of people are not very clear, so the color fastness is really need attention. So back of glue Velcro color fastness to what level? Their level of nine, respectively is: 1, 1 - 2,2,2 - 3 filling - 4,4,4 - 5, 5. Which almost reach level 5. On market and good viscosity cingulate fastness could reach 3 - Level 4, also have said 3. Level 5. Such as Velcro according to test is 3. Level 5. But most of the fastening belt with the loss of the barriers to entry are a lot of small businesses will also join this, but the place of subtle but often cannot be achieved, such as color fastness, environmental protection level and so on. More information, welcome to login textile:
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