What is the color fastness of Velcro

by:BAILI     2020-11-03

hook and loop when the choose and buy, we will see the hook and loop color fastness to this feature. Velcro fastness refers to what? I'll give you a simple introduce below. Color fastness, it is to point to the textile color effect on in the process of processing and use of a variety of resistance. According to the sample color and dye not affixed lining fabric with color fastness rating. Textile color fastness test textile inner quality test is a routine inspection project. Color fastness, 色牢度) Also known as color fastness, color fastness. Refers to the color fabrics for use in processing all kinds of role in the process of resistance, according to the sample color and not dyeing pastes lining fabric color fastness rating, textile color fastness test textile inner quality test is a routine inspection project. Textiles in the process of its use will be affected by light, washing, ironing, besmirch, friction and chemical medicine such as the role of the outside world, some textile printing and dyeing and after special processing, such as resin finishing, flame retardant, sand washing, grinding, etc. , MAO this requires relative quality printing and dyeing textile color fastness for a time. Fastness good or bad, directly related to human health and safety, poor color fastness of the product in the process of wearing, run into the rain, sweat will fade in color, the color of the fabric loss which the dye molecules and heavy metal ions can be called absorption by human body through the skin and harm human body skin health, on the other hand can also affect the wear in the body of other clothing color into dust, or other clothing and other clothes washing dyed dirty. When choosing Velcro or other textiles, also want to often pay attention to the choice of color fastness to oh!

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