What is the difference between different materials of Velcro? _

by:BAILI     2021-04-16

Many people are familiar with Velcro. Velcro is more common in our daily life. Generally, it is used on mobile phone pockets and pockets to have an adhesive effect. However, there are still many people who are not clear about the raw materials of Velcro. The following will let you know the difference between different materials of Velcro.

1. Nylon material

Nylon is not easy to burn, and it is very soft. Velcro is more suitable for use on clothing, and it is a very environmentally friendly material.

2. Polyester raw materials

Easily burned, and black smoke will occur at the same time, accompanied by the smell of red nose, the raw materials are hard and the hand feels relatively rough.

3. Polyester and nylon mixed materials

Combine all the characteristics of polyester and nylon, not easy to burn, very durable. Adhesive Velcro is made of this kind of material.

4. Nylon A grade material

It is very soft, and is often used as close-fitting clothes. It can also be used on babies. Can cause skin damage.

5. Non-scratching raw materials

There are mainly non-scratching hook and loop varieties, only hairy surface. The hooks are usually used with nylon A-grade raw materials, which are more used in underwear .

Different materials can be made into different Velcro. The use and characteristics of Velcro are different depending on the material, but all kinds of Velcro are in compliance with environmental protection standards. Customers can Ask to choose different varieties of hook and loop.

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