What is the difference between the magic stick and fastening cloth

by:BAILI     2020-10-16
Era in constant progress, constantly in the development of science and technology, medical supplies is also in constant change, early with the Velcro on medical products, such as one of the most common is the amount of blood pressure when used in normal hook and loop, this is used for sewing Velcro. Now in many medical supplies and the hook and loop fastening cloth is softer. So what is fastening cloth? What's the use? Together with the small make up have a look, you know! Fastening cloth is also called hair clothes, also is a kind of complementary makings, belongs to the Velcro has polyester, nylon, polyamide fiber material; G 120 g, 150 g, 180 g, 220 g, 240 g, 280 g, the distinction between; Fastening cloth are also have a variety of purposes, such as: baby products on the saliva towels, diapers, sleeping bags, shoes and hats; Medical bandages, cushion, the corset, sphygmomanometer, wristbands, not list one by one here. Fastening cloth are commonly used with injection hook effect is better, because the hook and loop soft and comfortable, plush tightly, holding power is strong, not easy to fall off, healthy environmental protection, won't hurt the baby skin. Can also be used with Velcro hook hook, mushroom head between mutual collocation, but usually with injection to mess with the effect will be better. The Taiwan nylon fastening cloth features: woven, grain clarity, wool surface smooth, soft. Fastening cloth can also carry on the processing, there are many ways that can be back glue (according to the requirements of you, The gluing) , it can fit different foam, TPU, PVC, PE, PO,, TPE, TPEVA non-toxic back glue, etc. Product details: goods name: fastening cloth ( The clothes) Fastening cloth composite fastening cloth material: 100% nylon specifications: 25 * 150/50 * 350 mm / 110 mm gram weight: 240 g color: black, white, gray USES: medical fabrics, sphygmomanometer fastening, medical cushions, medical bandages, straps etc this fastening cloth composite fabric has a variety of ways, often with PVC compound used in medical equipment, also often made straps and diving material composite play a role in buckle, wide range of USES, color diversity, can also according to your request to customize, dyeing. City textile co. , LTD is a professional manufacturer of Velcro, fastening belt, one of the direct selling medical supplies Velcro, fastening cloth, Velcro strap and other kinds of products, welcome the masses of friends to inquire, can take free sample oh!
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