What is the injection hook Velcro?

by:BAILI     2020-11-02
Injection hook is a special high-end hook and loop, is a common connection accessories, its only hook surface, and wool surface may be choose collocation; Injection hook made from a polymer and nylon material injection molding, surface soft. Material is ultra-thin, with all kinds of fastening soft materials, especially the fastening cloth is a series of high-end products, there are two transparent and opaque materials. Hook shot is a kind of accessories for garment production, with sticky strap. Is the kind of the most common blood pressure on the instrument of time measurement when the doctor not to take a piece of cloth on the arm? The cloth adhesive effect on it is fastening belt, it is a hook side of MAO, tear will spluttered pa ring is fastening belt, and the purpose of the injection hook is the same as the hook surface, usually used to shoot with the magic cloth collocation, can replace the effect of the fastening belt. Basically can be used to glue the cingulate local injection hook can be use to replace, at the same time injection hook than fastening belt, such as infant products fastening is often required for the above with thin soft injection hook to replace, if use Velcro fastening bring infant products, it is easy to scratch to infants and young children's wholesale, etc. , and injection hook made of rough, very soft, to the baby's skin skin to achieve the minimum damage. Injection hook hook and loop use variety: can also widely used in apparel, handbags, children's products, medical products, mill, toys, sporting goods and so on, the biggest characteristic is soft. Exquisite don't prick the hand, can according to customer requirements to design or LOGO printing. And along with the progress of the era of technology, the hook and loop hook surface also slowly replaced by a injection hook and replacement!
custom hook and loop is an inevitable and critical part of being a manufacturer, and it's more complicated than just manufacturing products and serving customers.
Jinjiang Nanxing Garment Weaving Co., Ltd. humbly request you to try this item in your centers and we assure you that you would be in a great pleasure with the results.
Your co-workers, investors and clients have busy schedules, and it can be hard to get everyone in the same place at the same time for custom hook and loop. So, it is important to create a connection between company and clients.
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