What is the nylon weave belt

by:BAILI     2020-11-13

polyamide fiber braid ( Hereinafter referred to as the hoisting belt) Soft, light, high safety factor, long service life, non-conductive, no electric shock danger, has good corrosion resistance and other advantages, is gradually replace steel wire ropes and chain rigging. Polyamide fiber braid features: light weight, easy to use; And suspended surfaces; Lifting smoothly and safety; High strength, bright colors; Improve labor efficiency, cost savings corrosion resistant, wear-resisting performance is good use note: do not use damaged sling; When hoisting, don't turn, Hank sling; Don't let the sling knot; Avoid tear commissure sewing parts or overload; When the mobile sling, don't drag it; Avoid robbery or shock load; Each line must be inspection before every use; Polyester fibre with inorganic acid resistant function, but easy to suffer the harm of organic acid polypropylene is suitable for the place for the most resistant to chemicals used; Polyamide fiber has the ability to resistant to inorganic acid, vulnerable to the harm of organic acid; Polyamide fiber, when be affected with damp be affected with damp, strength loss is 15% if the sling is in May be polluted by chemicals or is used at high temperature, should be to supplier for reference. Product description: the use of polyamide fiber braid the environment temperature is commonly - 40 ℃ ~ + 100 ℃, it is strictly prohibited to use in high temperature environment. Synthetic fiber long-term exposure to uv radiation intensity will drop, so should not be used where the strong ultraviolet radiation hoisting take too long. Avoid lifting belt in the molten metal, acid, glass plate, fragile goods, nuclear reactor, as well as improve operations under special circumstances. Lifting with the limit of the working load and use to lifting belt on the basis of the experimental data, it is forbidden to overload use. Do not allow the cross or reverse use lifting belt, in use process, do not allow the knot, twist. Lifting belt to see with the naked eye is not allowed to use have been damaged. When mobile lifting belt and the goods are not allowed to drag. When items have sharp corners, edge must have protective measures, recommends the sheath or corner protector to protect the hoisting belt. When items hoisting, don't allow lifting belt hanging the goods time is too long. Lifting process, it is strictly prohibited to the lifting of the items from the collision and impact. Lifting belt is mainly used for machining, port loading and unloading, shipbuilding, electric power installation, transportation, aerospace and other fields. Lifting belt load in the range of 1 t to 100 t.

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