What is the PVC belt cleaning machine? What material is the PVC belt?

by:BAILI     2020-11-13
Hereinafter referred to as PVC (polyvinyl chloride (PVC), English Polyvinylchloride) , is the vinyl chloride monomer in peroxide, azo compound initiator; Or under the action of light, heat by free radical polymerization reaction mechanism of polymerization of polymer. Vinyl chloride homopolymer system called vinyl chloride and vinyl chloride copolymer resin. PVC for amorphous structure of white powder, branched degree is small, relative density 1. 4, glass transition temperature of 77 ~ 90 ℃, 170 ℃ or so starts to break down [ 1] , poor stability to heat and light, in more than 100 ℃ or the sun for a long time, will decompose and produce hydrogen chloride, and further automatic catalytic decomposition, cause discoloration, physical and mechanical properties also fell rapidly, must be added in the practical application of stabilizers in order to improve the stability of heat and light. Stability of PVC, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resin of low softening point, about 75 - Below - 80 ℃, the embrittlement temperature 50 - - 60 ℃, even if the high purity of PVC resin, long-term at above 100 ℃ or the ultraviolet (uv) radiation has hydrogen chloride gas to escape. Existing in its molecular structure pointed sex groups or unstable structure. The longer, the more degradation, the higher the temperature, the faster the degradation, exist in oxygen or air fall faster. PVC is one of the largest general plastic production in the world, is widely applied. In building materials, industrial products, daily necessities, plastic flooring, floor tile, artificial leather, pipe, wire and cable, packaging film, bottle, foaming materials, sealing materials, fiber, etc, are widely used. PVC belt cleaning machine applicable scope is what? PVC belt cleaning machine used in conveying powder or block solid, in the water is mainly used for conveying grid residue after dehydration, mud cake, sediment, etc. PVC belt cleaning machine working principle and structure is what? Electric drum ( Motor) Drive belt linear motion on supporting roller, fall into the role of solid particles because of the static friction force on the belt, with belt movement. Then has been to equipment, on the other side of the complete conveying process. Mainly include electric belt conveyor roller, supporting roller frame, belt, etc. So, PVC belt cleaning machine safety operation procedures and what? The small make up for your answer. 1, stationary conveyor shall be installed in accordance with the provisions, the method on the basis of a fixed installation. Before the official mobile conveyor running wheels should be using triangular wedge live or brake braking. In order to avoid has the walk to work, how conveyor, parallel operation between machine and machine, between machine and wall should be one meter. 2, conveyor before use must check all the moving parts, belt buckles, and bearing device is normal, whether the protective equipment is complete. Belt tensioning degree should be in before the start of adjustment to the appropriate level. Belt conveyor should no-load startup. Such as functioning rear can into the material. Into the material before driving is prohibited. 3, several sets of conveyor series operation, should be started, the discharge end starting sequence. All normal operation before filling. 4, in the operation of the belt running deviation phenomenon, should stop adjustment, ( A barely used, in order to avoid wear edges and increase the load. 5, working environment, shall not be higher than 50 ℃ and below was sent material temperature - 10℃C。
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