What is the TPU synchronous belt strap brush? How to effectively extend the life of the brush?

by:BAILI     2020-11-13
TPU ( Thermoplasticpolyurethanes) Name of thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer rubber. Mainly divided into polyester type and polyether type, its wide hardness range ( 60HA- 85HD) , abrasion resistant, oil resistant, transparency, good elasticity, the daily necessities, sports goods, toys, decorative materials, and other fields is widely used, halogen free flame retardant TPU can instead of soft PVC to meet the requirements of environmental protection in the field of more and more. Synchronous belt material usually adopts polyurethane ( pu) Material, belt sandwich layer for steel wire, in order to enhance the tension of the belt. Brush is made of nylon, pa6pa66pa610pa612) , white or black, brush Mao Yiding to fine and soft, resilient. Brush material variety, the first is the natural wool brush materials used, the so-called natural wool, which refers to such as bristle, wool directly collected use rather than synthetic materials. Such as for bristles, wool, horse hair and so on material properties also have differences, according to the use environment of customer choose to use. What are the main characteristics of TPU? First, the hardness range: by changing the TPU ratio of each reaction component can get different hardness of products, and with the increase of hardness, its products are still keep good elasticity and abrasion resistance. Second, high mechanical strength, the bearing capacity of the TPU products, impact resistance and shock absorption performance outstanding. Third, TPU cold resistance: TPU of glassy state transition temperature is lower, at minus 35 degrees still maintain good elasticity, flexibility and other physical properties. Fourth, processing performance is good: TPU can use common processing method for processing of thermoplastic materials, such as injection molding, extrusion, rolling and so on. At the same time, TPU together with some high polymer material processing can obtain complementary properties of polymer alloys. TPU synchronous belt strap brush way of buying is usually online purchase, you can compare the price, and price concessions, the custom size and appearance is also very convenient. TPU synchronous belt strap brush note: 1, never against hair cleaning. 2, after cleaning, gently press with finger with tissue or cotton pad, let the moisture out, don't lay the bristles, otherwise it will damage the bristles, also can make the structure of the brush is loose, and lead to hair removal. 3, after cleaning brush can be hang up, let the brush Mao Chao under dry. 4, to air dry, can not blow dry, more do not dry in the sun, or is likely to hurt brush material. 5, abrasive silk wool brush roll because the material is hard, in the cleaning time not like nylon, easily hurt by cleaning items, thus damaging property cannot achieve the ideal effect.
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