What is the voltage Velcro strap

by:BAILI     2020-10-16
Velcro strap is a voltage is applied to various viscosity cingulate, wire and cable finishing and binding using ultrasound machine will tick with MAO composite a small piece of adhesive voltage, super strong, but can make it bind belt buckles, also can make line bind without buttons. Velcro strap buckle voltage used to bundle factory plastic card board, binding books, binding machines, gift packaging, paper box, car model, can be used repeatedly and convenient. Existing rules on 16/20 * 260 mm * 280 mm / 25 * 270 mm * 450 mm / 38, etc, the color of the belt has 5 color, color mixing packing can be carried out in accordance with the requirements, such as: article 6 / package, article 5, article 3 / package/bag. Don't bind belt buckles P type voltage/straight is usually used for mobile phone charger, connector, USB wire, electrical, engineering, electrical power cord, computer peripheral wire bundles, etc. , the wire through the P type buckle along the wires directly to the bound to a circle, can also according to customer requirements for printing company LOGO/name/url to promote, etc. Its specification is 10/20 * 160 mm * 150 mm / 20/20 * 400 mm * 185 mm, etc. , other specifications can be customized. Velcro voltage bind not only easy to use, and repeat loop can be used, because of the color variety, easy to distinguish between different wires, easy to find the line, not only beautiful, but also save time and effort, is the good assistant of household. Velcro voltage bind wholesale preferred shenzhen good Velcro, is a company dedicated to research and development, production, wholesale sales for the integration of manufacturers, the introduction of advanced equipment, trained professional and technical personnel, the main product has the back glue hook and loop, Velcro strap, Velcro cable tie, back to back Velcro, baby Velcro, injection, fleece, and other products, its products in strict accordance with ISO - 9001 quality management system, in line with Europe and the United States environmental protection standard, provides both at home and abroad with first-class hook and loop products and services. Welcome to inquire, free sample!
is a modern custom hook and loop widely used in custom hook and loop tape industry. It also enhances the quality custom hook and loop tape value of the products.
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