What kind of back glue with a magic types

by:BAILI     2020-10-13
Back glue Velcro, don't be called back to back Velcro ( Fastening belt) / functional magic belt strap. Back there are many different kinds of glue Velcro, common printing stickers, sewing Velcro, penetrate Velcro, back to back Velcro, back glue Velcro, etc. Among them back to back Velcro is divided into two kinds: T back to back Velcro and T high frequency Velcro, first with below small make up together to get to know the T back to back Velcro classification of what! ! ! ! Back glue Velcro hair surface and surface ( A + B) To compound and make the hair is not in the same plane. Used for wire and cable, fiber optic cable, toys, electronic appliances, etc. Can also be designed according to the requirements of the guests. Or supply of raw materials, cutting on its own. Can also be printed company LOGO, web site and advertising promotions, etc. There are many specifications: 10 mm to 16 mm to 20 mm, 25 mm 31 mm 38 mm to 50 mm 60 mm 100 mm to 110 mm 130 mm to 150 mm, can inquire cable sample. T back glue Velcro: this product is the Velcro hook and matted together, to make a back to back Velcro, and then according to the mold will be back to back Velcro pressed into T. Usually, T back to back Velcro can make the belt of wool surface and the surface of the hook back to back, can also be a hook and a fleece back to back, can also be a plastic hook and the surface of the hair back to back, but usually the plastic hook and on the surface of the hair back to back Velcro will be better, will feel very good. T high frequency back glue Velcro: T high frequency Velcro with high frequency Velcro production principle is the same, the last and good high frequency Velcro stamping into T of the high frequency Velcro. Besides T high frequency Velcro stickers, and P type high frequency Velcro, the making craft of the two kinds of Velcro is no different, just the shape differences. T back to back Velcro classification generally can be divided into the two! No matter what the style of Velcro, textiles can be designed for different specifications of the Velcro, but also in the hook and loop LOGO design, want to learn more of Velcro consulting in textiles!
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