What kind of dress is suitable for use back glue Velcro

by:BAILI     2020-09-23
What kind of clothing is suitable for use back glue Velcro using versatile back glue Velcro in today's society. People's life water product is constantly improving, for new things, people are more willing to accept them, instead of rejection, because these innovative items to speed up the pace of life. Life, is no stranger to buttons, zippers, we are often appear on the clothing supplementary material, but if you ask a few questions about them, a lot of people will answer not to come out, now we see is more back glue Velcro on the clothing, the original buttons and connection are back glue Velcro instead of the common button when use, excessive tension will drop down, causes the damage of clothing or a button, and the Velcro is different, the hook and loop is made up of small hook surface with plastic and fiber surface with soft nap, when use the two together, they stick together tightly, tear apart as long as the Velcro with some force, can complete separation, very convenient. But not all clothing accessories can use the Velcro instead of the other connections, it still depends on the specific situation analysis, in this dress, really don't fit right, let's know when to choose back glue Velcro is right: 1. Considering from the types of clothing, like a baby children's clothing, of pursuit is simple, safe, convenient, so in this kind of clothing with the magic is good, for the men's wear, pay attention to the image, requirement is thick and wide, so use magic stick is not appropriate at this time, and women's clothing to beauty, with Velcro increased the gorgeous clothes, so you also can choose a magic stick. 2. From the consideration on the clothing design and style: the use of Velcro is exquisite fashion, if on some clothing looks very asymmetrical, or is not beautiful decoration, this hook and loop is less than a big role. 3. From the consideration on the clothing design and purpose: the raincoat, the Velcro on the swimsuit is waterproof, and durable, at that time, the magic stick to choose made of plastic. To the women's underwear is small and thin, Velcro itself is very light, so good with Velcro. 4. From the consideration on the clothes of maintenance mode: in some often wash the clothes for the material should be made of metal material, less so with Velcro, so you can better increase the durability of the clothes. 5. From the installation position of clothing and apparel on the open means of consideration: like pants crotch, there will be no magic stick and buttons, with zippers. Back glue hook and loop on different clothing with different purposes, little magic stick has a big use.
In the past few decades, custom hook and loop tape production has increased because of the use of custom hook and loop.
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