What magic stick higher performance-price ratio

by:BAILI     2020-10-16
is rock prison company products by the United States English name '' conversion, '' products into China in the early 1980 s, the agent distribution by sanxin company, not having a Chinese name, communication up very convenient, and because '' features, mainly is side by side with hooklike fabric and belt villous fabric, stick together to produce natural viscous force, with the hand pull and natural separation, a bit like the feeling like magic, got its name from the hook and loop. In magic, with which good? Preferred textiles, is specializing in the production of stickers, sticky strap of one of the manufacturers, with Velcro bundling, power pack, cargo lashing with hook and loop, back to back, hook hair parts, injection hook type, back glue, 3 m glue, Velcro, elastic, and other products of professional production and processing company, with complete and scientific quality management system, shenzhen good textile co. , LTD. Of integrity, strength and product quality get industry recognition, welcome friends from all walks of life come to visit, guidance and business negotiation. Textile main products are: nylon Velcro, back glue Velcro, Velcro cable tie, Velcro strap and hook shot, mushroom head hook Velcro, elastic, MAO consubstantiality Velcro, back to back Velcro, clothes, hair, high frequency Velcro, don't catch hair sticky strap. Textile with TPX, TCX PANTONE - C/U international card, can provide free samples, can be customized LOGO. The company with a special focus on the communication with customers, according to the customer's opinions or the given element is required to provide design and play version of the service, the quality of its products has robustness, the price is reasonable, has a strong competitive market, and will continuously improve the quality of the product and create more innovative products. Textile adhering to the 'quality first, reputation first' business philosophy, making every effort to provide customers with first-class products and services, welcome friends from all walks of life come to discuss and cooperation, create brilliant!
Nowadays, the adoption of custom hook and loop in custom hook and loop tape industry is quite common.
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have three basic components.
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