What methods back glue Velcro fiber discern

by:BAILI     2020-10-10
Back glue Velcro material used in different industries, the effect will be obvious, garment industry often use material better hook and loop, because have contact with the human body, if there is something wrong with the hook and loop material, don't feel comfortable can cause personnel use. In the electronic industry in some cases may require anti-static products, belt, if do have special request for material not commonly. But if a sizable orders back glue Velcro, we usually use appearance could not judge the material is in accordance with the requirements of the use. What kind of way that we have to make sure the back glue Velcro material! 1, the correct identification methods to identify methods have touch and visual method, burning method and microscopic method, dissolved method, medicine, coloring method and infrared spectrum method, etc. In the practical identification, often need to use a variety of methods, comprehensive analysis and research results in the future. General identify steps are as follows: A. First by combustion method to identify natural fiber and chemical fiber. B。 If it is a natural fiber microscope observation method to identify all kinds of plant fibre and animal fibre. If it is chemical fiber combined with fiber melting point, density, refractive index, dissolving properties of distinguish them one by one. C。 In the differential hybrid fiber and blended yarn, generally available microscope to confirm which contains several kinds of fiber, and then use appropriate methods to identify them one by one. D。 For after dyeing and finishing of fiber, the general first to be dyed stripping or other appropriate pretreatment, to guarantee the identification result is reliable. Above is for our industry class quality engineer summed up a few discern back glue Velcro quality of experience and methods, the hope can help you!
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