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by:BAILI     2020-10-09
Fastening belt is also called the magic stick, it is product of a kind of two sides, one side for the fabric, the other for special material of hook is mainly used to paste. Because it is all too common in our life, fastening belt use is very broad, can be said to be the indispensable important products in our life. A, daily provisions, such as fastening belt can be used for leisure clothing, sports shoes and hats, gloves, personality bag, all kinds of wires, curtain, sofa, cloth pads, baby diapers, children's toys and so on. Second, outdoor supplies, such as: poncho, tents, sleeping bags, travel charger, motor vehicle knee pads, helmets, sports and so on to the fastening belt are also useful. Three, special field, such as underground exploration gear, medical equipment, aerospace equipment, military supplies fastening belt are all very good play its role. Fastening belt use to say, is so popular, that's because the fastening belt not only convenient to use, and the cost is very low, after processing, the product has good insulation, for strength, acid resistance, corrosion resistance, not easy ageing. Believe that with the development of fastening belt in the near future we can bring more surprises. Sticky buckles at a crucial moment if sticky strap not stick to do. We must first understand the magic stick non-stick reason: in general is nothing but material is not good enough, use the right way, use hook and loop endure heavy items, hook and loop not regular cleaning, etc. Velcro not glued there are generally two kinds of circumstances, it is a hard plastic hook Velcro side stick too much stuff, can use the sharp objects such as toothpicks will clutter picked out. Second, hook and loop soft sticky surface peeling, crashing sticky hairs fall, will be modified, so the method is very simple, find a don't wear clothes or other need not useful to the fastening strip quality, cut down, again in line with the awl or strong qualitative seam on the shoes. Also can use hand rubbing force will glue Mao Yong press way, stick back and forth when pressure, really bad or want to change the fastening belt use. Textile warm prompt: application in the life rich and colorful, but we still need to master certain skills, to maintain the fastening belt also notice, when using do not force pulling, such not only use magic stick when more handy, but also can prolong the service life of it. More information on:
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