What's the use of Velcro is what things

by:BAILI     2020-10-22
What is magic stick? With magic, what use? What is the magic stick? Small make up these problems on baidu to see a lot of this shows that there are still quite many people still don't know or don't know what's the hook and loop this item with, with, where is the place where I can buy. What is a magic stick, this problem is well understood, the name you should be know, think about why magic called magic? Is to let a person on the vision illusion leads to let people see is not the real thing since magic happens, think it is unthinkable, magic stick stick? Put words explanation is adhesion; Attached. This is the principle of hook and loop, it is made of nylon yarn with fabric woven into textiles, a belt knit surface fabric has many loop ( Referred to as' suede) , another kind of woven fabric surface there are a lot of uniform small hooks ( Referred to as' hook surface) After, as long as the two belt alignment gently squeeze, terry was hooked, only from the fastener head end slightly pull out to tear apart. That link the son together is a kind of with this magic magic called hook and loop. hook and loop and fastening with the name of the person is for professionals, then how outsiders call? Felt of the devil, MAO magic, magic buckle, lash posted these is the layman, called as the term is ok, every place people have different opinions on the magic stick. Also because it can play a connecting role, instead of buttons, press the button, zipper, the connection of the materials, its characteristic is to use is very convenient, efficient, fast, and on the seam a soft. Led to the now in our life everywhere can see the shadow of the Velcro and our life is closely linked. Velcro first widely used in clothing, bags, shoes and hats, handbags, gloves, with the improving of the magic stick and the development of social science and technology and gradually applied to bind belt, belt, back glue, used for curtains, sports supplies, medical instruments, toys, household data line connection, helmets and other materials.
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