What the difference between back glue Velcro and voltage Velcro

by:BAILI     2020-10-06
Said the back glue hook and loop believe everyone is familiar with and understand, if the voltage must not particularly understand outside the industry, if you want to understand the strengths of both direct comparison. Premise is certainly need to know what are the two Velcro! What is the back glue Velcro? Back glue Velcro is to point to by the characteristics of normal Velcro and Velcro, dissolved the glue in the high power back hot melt glue mixer ordinary Velcro on the back, and then paste made from oil from type paper Velcro. In manufacturing industry, type of gum rushed Velcro is a 'star', because it has the characteristics of high temperature resistant, low temperature resistance, so it has been very good development. Back glue Velcro the debonding paper white is usually used, less with yellow paper and transparent color paper, ivory paper, etc. Slice square back glue Velcro general white paper has more points, and the general thickness of commonly used is the thickness of the ordinary from the form of a paper. Back glue Velcro currently applied in the Velcro industry is very broad, in the electronic, medical, packaging, are useful in a number of industries such as textiles as back glue Velcro core manufacturers, have the newest production equipment and technical personnel. Velcro world still have a kind of high pressure Velcro, hook and loop more advantages than normal. What is the voltage Velcro? Voltage Velcro is different from other types of Velcro is the biggest difference between a good waterproof, which makes it in those who need very good waterproof, can't be sewn products has been widely used, such as may be due to the sewing pinhole leak raincoat, or a flat swim ring and other products. Due to voltage Velcro USES a PC back glue, viscosity is very good, also do not use sewn up, very good solution to the need of some products, stationery, raincoats, waterproof bag and has been widely used in security identity, and so on products. Voltage Velcro strong viscosity, avoid sewing, fall off not easily and have many other equipment not waterproof, on sports equipment, especially some high-end sports equipment has a wide range of application. Voltage pressure hook and loop as a special kind of Velcro, since they have been popular with various fields, its water proofing property is unsurpassable advantages of other materials, widely used in the product that needs to be adhesive and seam can't have a car, in fact, voltage Velcro main advantage or on its waterproof, just because of this advantage, to make it in the world of the Velcro go further more.
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